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Zara Silk Printed Pants Size M

OK – so I have been looking for these silk printed pants from Zara a long time now, and anywhere I go their sold out. So if anyone knows where to get them or has a pair that they want to sell – PLESE email me

Lemon Drop



Since my skin gets dry after traveling I always makes sure to keep my lotion from L’occitane close to where I go. However, lately  my lips has been feeling a little dry too, and this little buddy from EOS has been at my rescue. I believe it’s a lot cheaper in NY than compared to the price here in Norway, but definitely worth the small investment!

EOS – Lemon Drop $4


/YSL Rouge Volupté Perle 116 Milky Pink

/ Lumene Beauty Base Crystal Radiance Primer

/ White Skull Bracelet

/White Slim Skirt / More antioxidants!

/White iPhone Case With Gold Studds

Marc By Marc Jacobs Gold Watch / Made Her Think Silver Rings






I dag fikk det bli lunch på Søstrene Karlsen med min søster. Heldigvis skinte solen så fint mens vi var der også – noe vi satte pris på med tanke på regnet som kom senere. Norge er kanskje ustødig når det kommer til været, men det er dog like fint å være hjemme når man kan se venner og familie til en hver tid! Litt hverdags-luksus for oss som bor borte!












I came across these two snapshots of Miroslava Duma in Paris on Songs of Style. Words cannot express how beyond this is. The jacket, the headpiece, AND the fact that it is the it-girl herself that is wearing it. Beyond. Beyond what words can describe.

Emma Stone for Vogue

A part of the being an intern is, as many of you knows, running errands. I don’t mind doing it since it gives me the opportunity to meet the people we work with on a daily basis, but also because one gets to go on different locations for shoots. I haven’t worked on set yet, but I have been stopping by a few, and one of them were at the location where our stylist Tonne Goodman were working with Emma Stone for our July cover. I don’t care too much for the infamous celebrities that’s on set, however, what excites me is seeing how these extremely talented  professionals works – such as Tonne and Mario. That is truly something that is extraordinary for me to experience. Above you can see a short clip of behind the scenes from the shoot. And if you look closely you can see the brooches/jewelry she’s wearing, which is in fact jewelry we have been working on getting in for the shoot.


- My next DIY project will be to make a pair of shorts similar to the ones pictured above. All I need is some fabric and a shorts!

- It can never go wrong when I’m wearing my lovely Alice & Olivia dress!


Having someone to look up to is important to me. There has always been people around me that I admire and look up to, such as my parents, but I have also been introduced to new people along the way that has made a great impact on how I see things in life, and one of them are Grace. I cannot remember the first time I saw Grace’s work, but I remember seeing how she worked behind the scenes in the September Issue, and how amazed I was by her innovative and creative way of working. Since then I have found to love her even more, and not in a million years did I ever think I would be able to work within the same company as her, nevertheless did I ever believe I would get the chance to see her on a daily basis while working on request for her shoots. Anyway, when someone ask me what my motivation for working hard towards achieving my own goals are – someone like Grace would be the answer.