Having someone to look up to is important to me. There has always been people around me that I admire and look up to, such as my parents, but I have also been introduced to new people along the way that has made a great impact on how I see things in life, and one of them are Grace. I cannot remember the first time I saw Grace’s work, but I remember seeing how she worked behind the scenes in the September Issue, and how amazed I was by her innovative and creative way of working. Since then I have found to love her even more, and not in a million years did I ever think I would be able to work within the same company as her, nevertheless did I ever believe I would get the chance to see her on a daily basis while working on request for her shoots. Anyway, when someone ask me what my motivation for working hard towards achieving my own goals are – someone like Grace would be the answer.


TODAY my boss gave me this colorful bracelet – which is made out of silk fabrics that is tied together. I’m such a sucker for small, personal, and fun bracelets. Even though I’m working with jewelry on a daily basis, and get to see many different styles and designs, there’s nothing like the small unique ones that gives the impression of having a deeper meaning that goes beyond the statement of wearing it. Oh, the joy of finding new favorites!