Emma Stone for Vogue

A part of the being an intern is, as many of you knows, running errands. I don’t mind doing it since it gives me the opportunity to meet the people we work with on a daily basis, but also because one gets to go on different locations for shoots. I haven’t worked on set yet, but I have been stopping by a few, and one of them were at the location where our stylist Tonne Goodman were working with Emma Stone for our July cover. I don’t care too much for the infamous celebrities that’s on set, however, what excites me is seeing how these extremely talented  professionals works – such as Tonne and Mario. That is truly something that is extraordinary for me to experience. Above you can see a short clip of behind the scenes from the shoot. And if you look closely you can see the brooches/jewelry she’s wearing, which is in fact jewelry we have been working on getting in for the shoot.

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